Wanstop, the place to go for your weekly dose of Tobi

General Jerry “mR.Jerry-” Lee
toby_girls.jpgTobiWanKenobi, the well- known shout-caster from Australia is back with his own personal website. Wanstop, as he calls it, is where he would be uploading all his latest VODs and you may contact him there as well if you wish for him to shout-cast your match.

Wanstop is Tobi's home away from home when it comes to shout-casting. Whenever you got a craving for Tobi's awesome shout-cast or just to check up on when his next life shout-cast would be, Wanstop is the place to go to.

TobiWanKenobi official statement about WanStop:
-'Wanstop after months of planning and weeks of creation has been released. Tobi Wan wanted to give a gift back to all the listeners that have supported him over the years, so he made this One Stop for his coverage.'

So do drop by Wanstop and check it out. As you all know Tobi is awesome and to prove that, he is has three StarCraft 2 beta keys to give away. For more information on how to get a key, head down to Wanstop.

GosuGamers will be publishing an audio interview with TobiWanKenobi and it is totally filled with stuff that will blow your mind away. So do stay tuned for that coming up in a couple of days.

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