Happy, a not so dead undead.

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Happy, one of the top European undeads left in the game, sat down and answered some questions to fragster.de.

Dmitriy "Happy" Kostin entered the warcraft 3 pro scene when he was only 15 years old, not a hindrance to the undead player who has grown so much ever since his inCup times. Nowadays, the undead player is clanless but still not giving up on his warcraft 3 professional career, as he states in the interview.

"Talking about Battle.net – right now it's completely dead."- Happy.

In the interview, Happy, talks about his future, battle.net current state, his views on warcraft 3's future and of course, Russia's scene, what he will do once Starcraft II comes out among many other things. However, he refuses to make any comments on his departure from EG stating only that it was mostly his call. He has yet to receive any serious offers, he claims.

Here's a little snippet from the interview, just to get you started:

What do you think is needed to make Warcraft 3 more entertaining?

Happy: It's way too late to do any radical changes in my opinion. The game has been pretty much the same for the last three years probably. No patches made the gameplay in WC3 very repetable. It's all the same nowadays, I still remember when I began playing – when a new patch was out, everyone ran into Battle.net and tried to test out what's new/what's good/etc...

Currently, Happy is playing the Stars war Reborn european qualifiers where he is undefeated at the moment, but you can find more information on that in the interview, so check the link below for it.

fragster.de - Interview.