MorroW: "Starcraft players are doing worse than I expected"

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MorroW, 17 year old Swedish player with one of the highest ratings in platinum talks Starcraft 2 beta.

Stefan 'MorroW' Anderson's not a new name to the StarCraft scene. His results, however, have been spectacular the last few weeks of Beta with him constantly edging to victory in the ZOTAC weekly cup. With one of the highest ratings at 2386 and on the platinum division of the EU ladder, he has come a long way. This was at a time when Terran was considered a weaker race as opposed to the Zerg and Protoss.'s crew member, zul, sits down to have a chat with the Swedish player to get his thoughts on the game, what he foresees the future of the game to be and his insights into the game dynamics as opposed to the much loved Broodwar.

"WC3 gamers cheese and run around microing without macroing."
Morrow cuts no corners in his opinion of Starcraft players. "They are doing a lot worse than I expected. They play less games and they don't really think indepth as I would expect them to do. I am impressed that a few wowgamers can understand even tho they haven't played RTS games on a high level before. And WC3 gamers are like I expected - they cheese and run around with their units, doing their spells and don`t give up until they realize I have 100 units and they have 2 zealots, trying to micro in their main base".

He thinks in about a year player skills would emerge together and it would be really hard to tell which game a player came from. This is proven by the high rating that XeqtR, a Counter-Strike and now DotA professional from mouz, has shown with his platinum ranking and good understanding of the game.

Terran for 2 years so he carries over things well.
MorroW was a Terran player in SC:BW. So did most of the skill sets transfer over playing the same race here?

"There are significant similarities in my game style that I could just move over by changing build orders and unit composition. I've basically succeeded so well because I know how to get an economical edge, scout and respond, while most other terrans play a more freestyle and offensive style, based on pressure, map presence and control."

"I have no real nemesis right now"
"I don`t see myself having a real nemesis. But I remember a Terran user, Gladheateher (MYM.DeMusLiM), who is like 4:0 against me, because he always goes 15 cc and 3 rax without gas, while I just test and test.".

MorroW is of the experimental type, he doesn't have a fixed strategy and executes it to death. He tries experimenting and is quick to review a replay after a loss and see what timing adjustments must have been made. This detailed interview also talks about his strategies he uses and his ambitions to succeed in Starcraft 2. Head on over to the link to read the rest.

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