Finals approaching: DuskBin vs mouz

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It is almost a tradition now that we see mouz team in the finals of iCCup Clan League. They won against ToT in the first round of playoffs and will meet DuskBin in the battle for the main prize this Saturday.

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At the end of the regular season gallant rabbits from the East managed to take the first place and secure their position in the finals. It's worth a mention that DuskBin lost only once, in their first match which was against fOsc. After that defeat DuskBin's leader - Ash - said that his team will win the rest of the games as well the whole league. The first part of the plan has been executed, how about the second one?

Mouz, the still reigning Champion of the league which changed it's sponsor and the name in the middle of the season suffered two defeats. One of them was against ToT and the second one was against DuskBin. The players of mouz have already claimed their revenge on ToT in the first phase of playoffs. Will they be able to do the same against DuskBin?

DuskBin and mouz last met in the 4th week of iCCup Clan League. The 3:2 score was tight and proves that it will be really hard to predict the winner. Both teams are extremely strong and hunger for the trophy.

ToT has already placed itself on the third place and won the 100 dollars prize. Saturday's battle between DuskBin and mouz will decide which team takes the gold trophy and 600 dollars. The runner-up will get half of it.

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