Gift to you.

Posted by Darryl "warrior-350-" Cleveland at 25 December 2009 22:08
As a gift to you guys the users, We have dedicated our entire xmas morning to completing the Schedule.. And here it is for you..

Week 1 1v1 Outsider 2v2 Tornado
Week 2 1v1 Heart Break Ridge 2v2 Faoi
Week 3 1v1 Fighting Spirit 2v2 Colosseum
Week 4 1v1 Destination 2v2 Vampire
Week 5 1v1 Match Point 2v2 Python
Week 6 1v1 Tau Cross 2v2 Faoi
Week 7 1v1 Fighting Spirit 2v2 Python

Group A Saturdays 21:00
United States USA A

Chile Chile A

Portugal Portugal

France France

Bulgaria Bulgaria B

Peru Peru A

Czech Republic Czech Republic

Group B sat @21:00
Chile Chile B

Canada Canada

Bulgaria Bulgaria

Russia Russia B

Netherlands Netherlands

Peru Peru B

Romania Romania

To see Group C+D schedule click here