GosuCrew interview with ereskigal

Posted by asdasd "Zeyall" asdad at 27 July 2009 13:04

He is one of the most active member of the Gosucrew for the last few months. After questioning Sn4k3y and Zeyall, now it's ereskigal's turn. He managed the Dreamhack Summer 09 and is now the organizer of the first DotA GosuCup.

This instalment of our GosuCrew Interview features Germany ereskigal.

GG: Many people visiting GosuGamers already know you for sure, but could you tell us who you are and what your are actually doing at GosuGamers?

ereskigal: Yes, sure. My name is Philipp Hartmann, and I worked for GosuGamers since the launch of the DotA section. I made a 1/2 year break, but returned, because this is the best page for sure. I'm 21 years old, live in Hannover, Germany. And I'm studying Engineering.

GG: What is your main task at the moment for the page?

ereskigal: I'm currently running the GosuCup, and I ran the DH DotA tournament as well. Although I used to write some news, and upload a replay from time to time, I am the event guy, responsible for the current Cup and those who will follow.

GG: Do you still remember, why you joined GosuGamers at first place and not any other DotA site?

ereskigal: Hehe, I was a moderator in a German DotA forum that days, and hadn't heard of GosuGamers before. Someone posted that is recruiting guys with knowledge of the scene who wants to be pioneers in launching DotA. I remember us being 4 guys in the beginning. I joined no other organisation because I didn't even think of joining a community at all. But I'm glad I joined GosuGamers. I have to say the atmosphere in the crew is far better than all the other communities I were in.

GG: You were talking about managing the GosuCup. The poll at the page shows, that a lot of people and player would like to see a prize money for upcoming tournaments and in addition, more teams. What is your opinion about that?

ereskigal: Well, I know about the wish for prize money, and yes it always enhance the Cup itselfs. But to be honest: Right now I am running after quite some teams, who (and I don't know why) are not able to manage their games in time. So why should you reward such behaviour? If we add prize money I will tighten up the schedule. So to come back to the prize money I love to see it as well, but we need references first to attract sponsors, but I definitely aim for a prize money in the 3rd or 4th Cup.

GG: Besides the GosuCup, you have been organising the the whole Dreamhack Summer DotA tournament a few weeks ago. Did you meet any known players personal? How was the atmosphere at the gaming hall?

ereskigal: The atmosphere in the gaming hall was smelly, stinky and you could cut the air :p. Okay seriously. It is an adventure to be there the first time. It tops everything there is in Germany, and even everything I could imagine. Just one thing sucked: Sweden, where are your good looking adult females? I found out, that they were not at DH :( . Of course I met all the players, but it was more a co-existence than meeting them. I was just annoying them around so they were in time for everything, and could understand it. I met Kog, but I know him a long time now, so I knew that we would come along well. All the not-so-pro-players were cool, the one team slept in front of our booth, just to get a decision. And forget.DotA were really nice guys (Although I always spoke to the guy who sat next to them first, I think he got annoyed by me in the end).
But maybe it will change next time, I always prefer knowing someone personal.

GG: Will you be attending and managing the next Dreamhack again?

ereskigal: For sure, because you will as well, and then I will be your boss and *evil laughter* ....
Yeah I will be there, this crew just rocked, we had a lot of fun and the atmosphere there was awesome. Also I met some Starcraft guys, who I talked to a lot, and I didn't even know him, and after we talked a while someone came and was so excited about seeing him. Maybe he was famous? They are all normal guys, only the Warcraft players were annoying with all their Swedish.

GG: You have been the manager of XsK, a successful team some months (years) ago. Could you give us an insight in your work and what have you learned from DotA and the scene during your position?

ereskigal: Yes I was their manager back then. But I failed hard in the end. My duties were talking with the team, kindly remind them, that shouting during the games is not that productive (hi puppey, I still think so, but maybe you still shout ingame :p). I had to keep track of everything that the team needed, and tried to find a sponsor. But all in all from my PoV now I think I did a terrible job, and I left them, when I turned my back to DotA and began to play WOW.

GG: Oh no, not another WOW addict

ereskigal: Well Blizzard did a great job in the first place. And I was pretty good in leeching raid items and sell my accounts on ebay. I did a hell of money back then :p. But Blizz killed Shamans and I lost my interests in there. But let's not talk about WoW here =)

GG: Would you ever consider to manage a professional team again?

ereskigal: I think it highly depends on the team, and if I have something else to do. I think I CAN do it, but it consumes a lot of time. At the moment GosuGamers consumes all the time I can afford, so there is nothing left I could use for a team to manage. And the fact that I still think that I failed last time chokes my motivation :). So to point out a clear answer: No! [But never say never :p]

GG: Hehe OK, continuing with DotA: where can we see you playing DotA? Do you have a clan? If yes, tell is about that.

ereskigal: Well I have a Clan, I play in div 5 and we are currently winning just because the opponents are inactive. My clan is just awesome, there are so many freaky people in there and we are just having fun. We are just ~ mid skilled I would say, and only play around 15-20 games/week. I play in PL, in pkp.euro sometimes, and I'll get some replays to join some time. The temptation to get my team into the GosuGamers and seed them vs. EG just to play against them was very big, but I withstood :).

GG: When you play DotA, which heroes do you usual pick? Or which role do you play?

ereskigal: Funny question, since you know the answer already :p. I'm playing full-support most of the times, bane, or Jungle heroes.
I sometimes play Lina. I'd like Maiden best, like Windrunner, but we never pick her :(. I play Rhasta a lot, but hate him, since I had to play him a lot.

GG: So how would you rate yourself, let's say on a scale from 0 (really low) to 10 (Zeyall skill)?

ereskigal: I would give myself an eleven, maybe a twelve

GG: Haha ok :) What do you think of the changes in DotA over the past months/years? What would you say has changed?

ereskigal: I have to say, that I played World of Warcraft, and was out of the scene for about 9 months. Before that (when Loda still was with SK and MYM existed) I was confident in DotA becoming the new CS ( I know it is a weak analogy, but I love to pull this one out), but right now I am a little sad about the scene. I think there is a will to become professional, but the pros don't want to put much afford in it. They think it will happen anyway, but there are not willing to support it. There are always three parts: Fans, Organisers and the Pros. They all have to support the game.
I am still confident in DotA becoming better, otherwise I maybe would not have hosted this GosuCup :).

GG: What was in your opinion the best and what was the worst change in DotA, IceFrog (and his crew) have ever made?

ereskigal: Erm, that is hard. The worst decision is, that he had not taken me into his team yet (My application is still there, I know it!).
I think the best change was to turn down the regeneration, and make the game faster (a little bit), also implementing -cm, and the possibility to port to one tower with more than 1 hero at the same time.
The worst is a bit more general: I don't like to see IceFrog launching new content that fast. 5.59d was awesome, and although there was no change in the map itself the strategies changes. Some must-bans in the beginning weren't even picked anymore in the end. So I loved that map, but now everything is unstable again, just because he wants to release to much in to little time (overload).

GG: Okay, thanks for your time :F Any Shoutouts to your fans?

ereskigal: Well, of course. Aren't shoutouts the reason you do the interview :p?
Shoutouts to: EiS (my Clan, especially: Seraph (!!), gamen and dream), ariann3, Kog, Milo, DrunKin, aHCoS, Henky. All those attention whores who wants it so hard. And to all the "first"-posters: You suck!
Thanks for the interview, and also a big thanks to .