TEX cancels DotA tournament

Posted by asdasd "Zeyall" asdad at 16 July 2009 18:55

After changing the entry fee and lowering the prizemoney, the organisation behind The eXperience hoped for at least a four team tournament. But even that one has been canceled today due to a lack of interested teams


In the late April, the message of a DotA tournament with 6.000€ prizemoney in total arised. It was planned to have a tournament with 16 teams participating and fighting for the victory. But the interest of the DotA teams was almost non-existed. Besides DenmarkRavens, the organisation hosting the event, no other DotA team signed up.

As a result of this, the organisation suspended the ticket sales for the DotA tournament at the beginning of May. DenmarkTEX|mbu tried to enter into dialogue with the teams.

At 24th June, The eXperience reopened the ticket sales and announced a sponsor to cover a slice of the entry fee. Besides, the prizemoney has been reduced to 2.500€ total.

But again, the organisation was not able to get enough teams to sign, or on the other side, not enough teams were able to attend. The only team on the attendance list is Ravens.

Today the DotA event has been officially canceled. This means there will be no live coverage from Roskilde.

Statement from The eXperience

Despite the huge interest of The-eXperience 2009 with Call of Duty 4 and FIFA 09 being sold out, and Counter-Strike:Source and Trackmania following up with both tournaments almost sold out, the DotA ticketsale has been an unexpected challenge.

Due to lack of signups we had to temporarily disband the DotA tournament a few months ago. However we would very much like to maintain DotA in our tournament schedule and as a result of this we decided to enter into dialogue with the community in order to find a solution. The feedback we got from teams was very positve, as well as our local partner Interpool stepped in to support attending teams with partial coverage of their transport worth 150 Euro per attending team.

Despite the generous offer from our sponsor and the effort from admins and many other persons within the DotA community, no tickets were sold. We do not know what went wrong, however due to the lack of signups, it is with sadness that we have decided to cancel the DotA-tournament at The-eXperience 2009.

Defense of the Ancients is a magnificent game, which we believe have huge potential as part of eSport and how we see The-eXperience develope in the future. We are already looking into how we can make sure DotA is on the program in 2010.

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