Starcraft II Beta Invites Are Coming In [Updated]

General Simon “Go0g3n”
War...War never changes...ooops, different game, sorry about that. This buzz is, however, about a small, pretty useless piece of information, which is: Beta Invites Are Starting to Go Out through accounts for Starcraft II Beta.

There's no official info so far from Blizzard or any major gaming portal, however judging by screens popping up here and there, and certain posts on forums, some people already have been accepted into beta, therefore receiving acceptance e-mail and a large Starcraft II Icon appearing in the "Games" section inside one's profile.

Others discovered a small green "SCII Beta" picture/sign next to "Beta Profile Settings" menu inside their account. It's unknown so far whatever this small sign thing is.

As a reminder, here's some useful info:

1. Tuesday, during the press-event at Blizzard HQ, new and SCII features were demonstrated, along with a week long NDA on certain info.
2. Beta will be divided in regional stages, first being available for Canada and US, then Europe and Korea.
3. It was confirmed by Blizzard, that Beta will kick off this summer, specifically after Battle Report #3 release.


1. By the looks of it - False Alarm, sorry folks. (We all got pretty excited here too)
2. The small green SC2 icon, however, seems is mostly present in North American and Korean accounts, however, and it's confirmed, not on all accounts who opted-in.
3. Rumor has it, Blizzard will invite 40.000 testers from each realm for the test lasting 10 weeks.
4. Another rumor, or to say NDA leak, states that Beta will consist of multiple stages, therefore there invites will come in waves.

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