Slayers 'Boxer' Biography

General Simon “Go0g3n”
We all know him, we all love him. He was the Emperor, still is the Emperor, so it may be worth the time to learn more about "The" Starcraft Player, maybe the best player of all time. I am speaking of course about Slayers_'Boxer'.

All the fuzz is about a book, a biography. After two years of work, it's been translated into English for us all to enjoy. Named "Crazy as Me," it contains pretty much everything you've ever wanted to know about Boxer, his early days, his rise to the top, the "Emperor" status and much more.

Here's one of the "cool" quotes, picked out by the translator:

After failing to enter the Starleague preliminaries and winning the Challenge League was perhaps my most difficult period. At the time, people were saying, “Shouldn’t Lim Yohwan retire now?” I had not once considered retiring. The word ‘retirement’ had not once crossed my mind. But as those talks came from other people, I bit my lips. It already did not matter how many victories I had in the past, or whether I was the progamer with the best win percentage. What was important was winning the present tournament. Winning one game after another and regaining my confidence was my ultimate goal. I was still thirsty for victory. Quenching my thirst for victory was the only way to lift myself up once again.

So, if you are interesred, and I know you are, follow the link at the bottom and read up.

«Crazy As Me» - Biography of «The Emperor»
Simon “Go0g3n”