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Team SMG Malaysia 0
  • GG elo rating 921
  • World rank 31
  • Total earnings $2,000
  • Win rate 41%
Founded in 2017, Team SMG (Still Moving Under Gunfire) is a leading sports organization in Asia. The team was founded by Singapore -born singer JJ Lin along with CEO Kenchi Yap. They immediately stood out through their teams in China, Malaysia and Singapore. The team has made some small changes to their lineup for Season 7. Having exhibited tremendous growth from the middle of Season 6, they will continue to build and develop on that solid performance. The SMG team will continue to stick to the team’s motto and will not stop until they make it to the top.


0 2 0
0 wins 2 losses
0% Win rate


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0 wins 0 losses
0% Win rate

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14 20 0
14 wins 20 losses
41% Win rate

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