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MPLI 2022: Blacklist fall along with other MPL victors

Mobile Legends Jarrad “Belandrial” Adams

Day 4 of the MPLI 2022 event would serve us with some epic upsets, as teams made their way into the final day of the event.

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With the quarterfinals of the Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational 2022 taking place earlier today, we would see some of the biggest upsets of the event, as some of the tournament favourites bowed out. Even though it was their first series, for those that were MPL regional victors, the teams which had played over the past three days were up to the challenge at almost every occasion. Upsets, plays, and amazing MLBB from some of the best Southeast Asian MLBB teams was seen, and it came with unexpected results.

Blacklist’s blunder

Probably the team with the biggest following across the MLBB scene, Blacklist International are easily the favourites to lift the M4 World Championship title in January – making it their second victory in a row. With that said, the team have struggled with events beyond their regional MPL event and the World Championship. MSC and MPLI have not been friendly to the team, and today proved that once again, with the biggest upset of the tournament. Geek Fam ID, a team which has been far off the pace in their region, managed to claim a massive 2-0 sweep over Blacklist, knocking the champions out of the event and moving forward in dramatic fashion.

Another champion falls

After the downfall of Blacklist, RSG Philippines were one of two contenders left from the region, hoping to secure a path forward. However, in their path was a MPL champion, in the form of Team HAQ. Once again, it was a sweeping victory, and a veritable upset, with The Kingslayers taking down a team that had looked unstoppable at many points in their recent MPL career. RSG PH’s victory leaves them in a semi-final series against Geek Fam ID, with both teams looking to claim regional glory on the final day.

Bren bow out

Having conquered the likes of Bigetron Alpha and EVOS Legends, Bren Esports were looking to complete a massive return to form with another victory today. Their opponents, ONIC Esports, had other plans, as they were hoping to keep the champions flag running after witnessing the demise of two championship teams earlier in the day. While it was a hard-fought series, ONIC’s experience prevailed, giving them a 2-1 win, and a path into the top four of MPLI 2022.

TODAK make it three

For the final series of the quarterfinals at MPLI 2022, TODAK would fight it out against RSG Singapore, with both teams looking to secure a spot for their region in the semi-finals. The Swordfish were relentless, making some fantastic plays across the Land of Dawn. Even when it seemed as though RSG would be able to bring the series to an even footing, TODAK were relentless, making it the third knock-out blow to a MPL winning team today.

As MPLI 2022 ends its fourth day of consecutive MLBB action, only four teams remain, with November 6th being the moment we have been building up to. Championship Sunday will see the semi-finals take place, as well as the grand finals, with the remaining four teams all looking for the title.


Will ONIC Esports retain their MPLI trophy?

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