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Bigetron Alpha quelle the roar at MPL ID Season 8

Mobile Legends Jarrad “Belandrial” Adams

Week 1 of the Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia Season 8 has come to an end with some rather interesting results.

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MPL ID Season 8 kicked off over the weekend, seeing all eight teams involved getting their first taste of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang action in their domestic league. For some teams, this was their chance to show their strength and cause some upsets, while others were looking for a strong start to the new season.

Bigetron Alpha show up big

Bigetron Alpha seemed like the team to beat at MPL ID Season 7, showing up strong in the regular season and earning their spot in the grand finals of playoffs. While the team were able to constantly have the jump over EVOS Legends in both the regular season and upper bracket finals, they fell short in the grand final, finishing in second place. This season has seen another strong regular start for the squad, opening with a win over newcomers, Rebellion Genflix, followed by a massive win over EVOS themselves. This could see the Robots having another shot at MPL glory, should they manage to keep this up throughout the season.

Alter Ego on the right path

Alter Ego are one of those teams which has multiple accolades under their belt, with a spectacular array of achievements – including a second-place finish at MPL ID Season 6 and fourth place at the M2 World Championships. However, one thing has eluded the squad, a tournament win at MPL ID. Season 8 already looks very promising for the AE roster as they opened things up with two decisive victories. Their first win was over Geek Fam on the second day, but their next was the final series for Week 1, which saw them take down their essential rivals, Rex Regum Qeon Hoshi, in style. Not dropping a single game along the way either puts AE in a fantastic spot after the opening weekend.

A stifled roar

Having lost to BTR, EVOS were able to make a small comeback when they took down Aura in a swift series. However, the stumble over their first hurdle makes the reigning champions a target for other teams, knowing that the mighty can be tamed.

For the likes of Geek Fam, Rebellion and Aura, who all went through the opening weekend without a win, they will be hoping to cause some upsets further down the line in the regular season – and a single slipup for some of the well-known teams could cost them their playoff spot.

MPL ID Season 8 saw an amazing first weekend of action and we are looking forward to the fast approaching Week 2 coming later this week. Check back over the next few days for the schedule and biggest series as MPL ID S8 continues with its regular season.


Is this finally The Robots chance at MPL glory?

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