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M4 Group C Predictions
Mobile Legends1 year agoJarrad "Belandrial" Adams

M4 World Championship: Group C predictions

Our final countdown towards the M4 World Championship has begun, with our predictions for each of the four groups leading us to Jakarta, Indonesia.

In only two days, the M4 World Championship will kick off with its Group Stage, as the 16 teams begin their battle to become the victors. While there are some fairly obvious favourites for the event, there are just as many underdogs and unknown teams – which are sure to throw a spanner into the works for everyone. However, with that said, we take a quick look at each group and give our predictions for who will come out on top, carrying on with Group C.

Our verifiable “group of death” comes with Group C, although there remains an outlying team that stands out above the rest – which places them first in our prediction. RRQ Hoshi, the Kings of Kings, hailing from Indonesia, are definitely one of the favourite teams to take the M4 trophy. The team features another one of the absolute best Jungle plays in MLBB, Alberttt, who dominated in the group stages of M3. However, the team struggled last year going into the knockout stage and will want to show everyone that they are the best home ground team.

ECHO has come up in recent times, taking the PH region by storm and quickly becoming one of the favourites for the tournament. The team are one the biggest challengers to Blacklist International in the region, but they fell short when it mattered most, unfortunately. However, their main draw is that they have an ex-M-series victory, KarlTzy, who won M2 with Bren Esports. ECHO come second here, much like they did in MPL PH Season 10, but they could cause some major problems for RRQ when best-of-ones are what are being played early on.

With only one team in the M4 World Championships, RSG will be representing their region with an amazing squad, who were unbeatable during their recent MPL season. Their young squad may be pressed for experience, but what they lack in that department, they make up for across the board. RSG is a definitive nature of an underdog, which could bypass this entire group without struggle, but the chances of that happening are low.

Occupy Thrones is, sadly, our final prediction for Group C, but only because they are an almost entirely unknown squad. Middle East and Africa is one of the newer challengers to the M4 crown, and this team is ready to prove their worth. Although possible considered unknown, the team’s strategies could bring about an unforgettable upset, with solid early game rotations to throw their opponents off balance.

Final Predictions:

  1. RRQ Hoshi
  2. ECHO
  3. RSG Singapore
  4. Occupy Thrones

With best-of-ones in the Group Stage, anything can and probably will happen, and since no teams are eliminated during the initial stage, there are sure to be hidden strategies across the board. However, the lower bracket fight is not something that any of these squads will want to suffer through, and thus we are sure that they will all put their best foot forward as they step out into the Land of Dawn on January 1st, 2023, to begin their journey at the M4 World Championship.

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