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Should have been 2 slots NA and 2 slots for CIS instead. Any team who didn't get top 8 means they had a FAILED season so they don't deserve anything. Giving NA 3 slots essentially rewards EG, Optic, and VGJ with a direct invite despite their failures because NA don't have a 4th team that can challenge them. Might as well just cancel the NA qualifiers. CIS deserves another slot because the scene is relatively deep. They may or may not be as good as the NA trio, but they should have an equal opportunity to earn a spot. China's 2 slots are fine. They've always been historically the most overall competitive scene and they shouldn't be punished just because 4 teams earned their way by being top 8.

Article 6/12/18, 8:22 AM

Lmao. You make a completely racist comment about the intellect of people and then is surprised that some people may be angry with it?! I don't need to understand you nor do I care to, but if you make dumb comments that offends an entire race of people, be ready to get called out for it. Also, I am American you dumb shit. Surprise, Asian Americans exist. Don't bring us down with you just because you are self-loathing.

Article 6/10/18, 3:41 PM

Speak for yourself. You are just an idiot because you inherited retarded genes from your parents. How the fuck do you even derive such an outcome from a god damn video game amazes me.

Article 6/10/18, 3:11 PM

Uh oh... A quick look at Liquipedia's tournament records shows only Epicenter and DAC (outside of majors) has hit 500k prize pools. So basically 2 majors a year now in CIS and CN? Hopefully, Valve has already spoken to sponsors/tournament organizers for the NA and EU region coordinate major type events, or Dota 2 is gonna become a ded game.

Article 7/4/17, 5:56 AM

Agent 3154 reporting for duty.

Article 2/15/17, 8:48 AM

This is just going to water down the level of dota for the sake of diversity. None of these scenes, NA, SA, EU, or CIS, are all that strong on their own. Heck, the entire American scene is so weak that EU players are moving over just to use their qualifiers. There is always only 1 or 2 teams that stands out before the rest of the competition falls off a cliff in these regions. A better option would be to give each of theses regions their own OPEN qualifiers so they can at least compete at a higher level tournament before getting weeded out at the regional qualifiers.

Article 11/2/16, 12:39 PM

they took our jerbs!

Article 10/27/16, 3:38 PM

My dark horse team. Go Ehooommee.

Article 8/3/16, 1:17 AM
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