JUst when i thought the whole dota community is bunch of ignorant fucks that just want to live in their own world, Tobi comes and saves the day. Keep it up man, its the right way [;)]

Article 8/4/11, 11:38 AM

From what i know and from my point of view, there are many so called clones of the map that is called Dota-allstars, none of them claimed the name Dota for themself, instead, they tried to find more or less original, names, that mostly somehow at least remind at the title Defense of the Ancients. Valve in this line of companys is the first to actually try to claim the name for their own game. Everyone who followed Warcraft 3 custom games for some years knows, that during euls and even guinsos time, Dota-Allstars was one among many games having Dota in their title, like whatever, Dota Total Chaos or Dota Tri-war or however the names where. Conceptwise, these maps had their roots in a Starcraft custom map named Aeon of strife. So even when icefrog took over, there where still plenty of maps sharing a somehow comparable concept. It took a while til the map Dota-allstars took over the whole sceane and up til now, lots of people dont even know that back than, there where plenty of those games,may there names have been dota-whatsoever, Aeon of strife, eternal conflict, Tides of darkness or Eve of the Apocalypse. Everyone and his mom here insults riot for wanting to take advantage, even though it is devinitly valve whos is doing so, as they are the first to ever claim the name Dota for them self. No it all comes down to the question if they are legtimated, couz they have icefrog on their side. And in my opinion, they arent, even if they have Ice and it would be a nice move by them to create a new name for their game, like all the others that made standalone games out of the Dota or Aeon of strife theme witch they obviously wont do ;) #145 Infact, i didnt say u are an idiot, i said that statement makes u look like one. I also dont understand what ure response to my post actually has to do with what i said in my post. But well, i apologize kindly for insulting u with my opinion.

Article 8/20/10, 9:08 PM

@YoSnail: "Further, what is standing in the way of Riot Games attempting to utilize their claim of the name of DotA and create their game of that name? Why should anyone trust their intentions?" C'mon dude, im normally against bashing people, but this statement makes u look like an idiot. Dont u realize they made game and havent named it Dota! This whole thread/discussion is going so off the road. No matter how much u like Icefrog and how much hope u put in Valves project with him (and i too have high hopes), trademarking Dota will have effect on the comunity, as i think the Name Dota itself is more like a synonym for a whole genre than just a single game/map. And u all forget one big thing while bashing riot games, pendragon and guinsoo: In this fight, they are David, while Valve is Goliath! Reading the posts here, one might think it would be the opposite, but in fact it isnt. Statement to judge properly, letting sympathy aside ;)

Article 8/20/10, 7:47 PM

Very nice interview, MYM up til now was the surprise of the turnament for me. The lineup seemd to fit so well with the addition of Babyknight as he fits the gap on a the role of a Hardcarry, MYM used to had. From the games i saw, everyone did so great, like pusher going rampage with maiden vs OK or Maelks Pugna dominating mid lane etc. I just kinda hope, they keep Baby post ESWC. Gogo MYM

Article 7/3/10, 9:08 AM

Group B1: Eyes on U got this like np !!! Whos DTS or Nirvana.us anyways, never heard of em before [;)]

Article 6/28/10, 6:29 PM

The rule that u cant have more than a 5 man rooster is pretty stupid imo, its not like u can play with more than 5 players anyway ... I dont know how well they will do without there best player ;) No miracle, no eswc miracle is guess !?!

Article 6/26/10, 11:09 PM

The problem with Drayichs post is that he mixes two topics. Ones about the crurrent metagame, the other one is about a secific item. I think, both should be discussed seperatly. On topic: I think this version needs a lan turney to see what strats the contenders really stick too if it gets more serious. As for now, i cant agree with drayich on the matter of seeing to much farm games. To be honest, i saw lots of games that went a total different way. Thats where i agree a lot with ducky and i think he pointed out one of the most beneficial developments of dota ever: U have to make strategies, plan your game and excecute it. The time where u just pick the strongest heroes, farm certain items and win is over. Now, it actually has a huge impact in what kind of team u pick what hero and what u want to achieve by picking him. Ofc there some allaround powerhouses as well, but all in all, it has a lot more balance and variety. One thing however i noticed is that there were a lot very onesided games during the past days, not because there was a skill gap, sometimes not even because there was a gap in picks but just because Dota as it is now is a very unforgiving games. Contrary to Drayich, small mistakes can make a huge impact. Some games where decided within the first 10 mins, just because of well excecuted agressive laning / roaming and maybe small mistakes that led to a situation where one team was just completly out of the game already. I think of the TeG vs MYM games for example. This would increase if the there would be more gold for kills and kill supports. I dont wanna say im against encouraging ganks, i just think it should be considered. Apart from all analysis, what i would really love to see for a possible future of dota is a system of balance similar to rock scissor n paper, speaking in dota terms farm, gank n push

Article 3/4/10, 7:29 PM