Merlini gone, LD gone. R.I.P Dota 2 ...

Article 2/15/18, 5:35 PM

This wont even be a tier3 roster in the CIS region. 2 Month - optimistically speaking! But hey, they got their points now. What a joke!!!

Article 2/6/18, 12:00 PM

I was laughing so hard when i read this comment the first time and was actually thinking to make a joke about it. But given the fact that both NaVi and VP are owned by the same holding comppany, you might actually have a point. I kinda expect this story to continue and i allready smell the taste of drama...

Article 2/1/18, 6:27 PM

In my opinion, one of the reasons why Dota was/is (this up to debate tbh) such a great game, was due to the fact that it allways had its own, very unique patching/balancing agenda. Due to the fact that patches where a rare thing to come by and nearly allways had a huge impact and changed a lot of things, "imbalances" where bound to happen. But instead of instantly patching out everything that went across the borders of a given norm, the game would balance itself out due to time and people learning to overcome those "imbalances" through strategies and tactic, i.e. the so called "meta". How many times did a hero look completly broken on the early stages of a big patch, just to be somewhat forgotten on the way down to the next big patch, without ever beeing really changed, just because people learned how to deal with him. This is why Dota has allways been such a creative game, if you wanted to play it, you had to find a way to deal with its rough edges. Its what gave Dota one of its strongest points of identity: Asymmetrical Balance at its finest. Continous small patches is what League of Legends has done from the start. Everything that looked like it could even scratch the so called "balance" of the game was patched out as soon as possible. It lead to shallow gameplay, streamlined hero concepts, very limited strategic and tactical decisions and barely any room for creativity. In other words: Symmetric balance Its obvious that the gaming market is in a lot of change curretnly and revenues are shifting. Its also very obvious that valves is trying a lot of things to make dota2 be able to further compete on this market. But with all those changes they are currently making, they are really threatening the very core pricipals that made dota such a great game for such a long time.

Article 2/1/18, 10:43 AM

Unfortunatly, Universe hasnt been on top of his game for quite a while! Maybe he can find back his motivation and success, maybe not. Without a doubt, he was one of the best offlaners(if not the best) this game has ever seen. But i dont agree with the way they restructure EG, especially not with putting SuMail into the offlane and Arteezy mid. And i agree even less with the changes to Optic. Saksa addition was such a step up and i dont believe they would have had any kind of succes without him (at least gettin a 2nd place at a minor is a succes for optic - sadly). R.IP. NA doto

Article 12/21/17, 1:38 PM

Nice move from Riot to save their dying game and create some attention! ;)

Article 12/4/17, 6:20 PM

I like all the players on this team and i have huge respect for PPD. Yet, i dont see them beeing able to compete vs. the best teams in terms of individual skill level. But it is a tough challenge for me currently to imagine any team that comes near the strenght of Team Liquid in their final form at TI7 ...

Article 9/6/17, 3:37 PM

This Team was the biggest disappointment in the TI6 to TI7 season for me. They had such an amazing run at TI6, i do think they had a very powerful roster. Yet they never achieved anything else and for me, they allways looked very unprepared and like they dont care at all for the tournaments they played. No suprise this team comes to an end!

Article 8/3/17, 5:03 PM