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Hosting 2017 tournaments in 2018. They seem to be a step behind ...

Article 4/29/18, 10:06 PM

LGD TI8 winner confirmed?! =)

Article 4/19/18, 11:52 PM

VP gonna tilt vs EG in the lowers and voila - Liquid gets their first major! Easy =)

Article 4/4/18, 10:57 PM

Bkop and Killerpigeon?!?!!? I really hope this aint the future. Both of them are really bad in my opinion. Useless play by play casters that dont know shit about dota. Grand has to save the day i guess.

Article 3/30/18, 9:58 AM

Unfortunatly, fanatic underperformed heavily in the finals. They seem to crumble a lot under pressure, i hope this will change in the future. They should have at least taken a game of secret.

Article 3/25/18, 11:02 PM

Very interesting perspective you have here! For me its more like - i was very suprised that liquid got into the upper bracket final with a standin and Kuro switching to carry. I also didnt find it to be an upset that fanatic beats newbee, given how good fanatic looked the last tournaments and how out of shape newbee currently is. Now if they win vs. secret, THAT would be an upset in many many ways. Witch is why it wont happen! ;)

Article 3/25/18, 10:53 AM

I dont see even the slightest chance for VG.J. The real grandfinal was Liquid vs VP in the semis. VP is obviously in a very dominant form right now. The chinese teams really gotta get their shit together, I dont see any of the chinese teams competing with the likes of Liquid and VP (and maybe secret?!) currently. I dont think they are missing the talent, the chinese scene has enough promising talent. But they are to spread out in different teams. They have to form a stack of the best of the best, just like Liquid or VP to have any chance of competing this year. Newbee looked like they could be such a stack, but i think it is kind of save to say that they lack this last small margin that really makes or breakes a championship team. 3 - 0 or maybe 3 - 1 in favor of VP, everyhing else would be a huge suprise for me!

Article 3/11/18, 12:18 PM

They have been crushing tier3 and tier4 teams left and right the last couple of weeks! Very impressive OG!

Article 2/19/18, 2:15 PM
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