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xxx won, yay [upsidedown]

Article 12/4/11, 3:04 PM

Good job Mineski, been looking forward to seeing what they can do on the international stage for well over a year, and they certainly didn't disappoint! I believe their reason for success was due to having ganking heroes such as SK, ES, Slardar, QoP and Tiny. When none of these heroes appear in their lineup, Mineski are forced out of their comfort zone. This makes them very easy to outdraft. Also I felt Bimbo (Jay) played very well in all his games, even the ones where they lost. Definitely a more than adequate replacement for John.

Article 12/4/11, 2:30 PM

They're qutting as a 'fuck you' to the tournament organizers. It isn't about the game anymore.

Blog 12/4/11, 6:37 AM

I shall quote what I said in another thread: "...(the organizers') credibility has gone down the drain already after all the shitty decisions they made. They know it and they cannot reverse it because by doing so they'd be admitting they were in the wrong. Obviously their ego can't take such a hit. Shame on you organizers." Hence 'disqualifying' EG knowing that they would not come back. I quote from Misery, 'go fuck yourselves'. This tournament has lost all credibility and no European teams are going to come back next year after the shit that EG received. You know when even DEMON rages there is a serious problem going on with the administration. I wouldn't blame Trust here, they were simply unfortunate to have been the team with the computer that DCed. For the ones saying EG should have just continued, you are not considering the morale hit that they took. They are in no condition to play on after getting screwed over. I'd like to see you try to play a game a day after something like this happened. You'd probably lose simply because there's no heart left to win. This is injustice on a very high level and you all who are calling EG 'pussies' for quitting simply cannot understand how they are feeling.

Article 12/4/11, 6:29 AM

#14 Nope, it's a multi-BSOD. I recognize it. 'A problem has been detected...etc'.

Article 12/4/11, 4:08 AM

Wow, just wow, SMM organizers. I'm only continuing to watch the stream because of Tobi. I cannot stand this stupid organization and its numbskull admins anymore. They can manipulate the rules all they want but a Malaysian team will never win. And I thought the Chinese were bad at WDC, geez...

Article 12/4/11, 3:51 AM

Couldn't help but laugh when I saw the blue screens pic. Testament to quite possibly the worst-equipped major LAN tournament this year. Some budget could have gone out from the keyboards/mice/headsets to pay for better CPUs...honestly. Majority of the players use their own keyboard and mice anyway.

Article 12/3/11, 8:38 PM

Last year's WDC was equally plagued with visa problems and no-shows. It seems getting teams to come to China will never be an easy task, even moreso because of ACG and the slow death of Dota1. Will still be rooting for the remaining international teams!

Article 11/10/11, 6:02 PM
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