Where is she from by the way?

Article 2/4/11, 11:41 AM

Nerf all the way

Article 2/1/11, 3:10 PM

Now this sachi is created to look more like Juggernaut Yurnero in term of the samurai sword and the flag that she carry...Nice job.

Article 1/30/11, 9:40 AM

@63 + 1 And just ignore them. They're just bunch of highschool kiddos only and there's no point to argue with them.

Article 12/23/10, 5:20 AM

Wow...Filipinos vs Malays vs Malaysians Chinese. Take it easy guys [sky]

Article 11/29/10, 4:49 PM

@426 + 1

Article 11/13/10, 4:30 PM

Where is the 5th replay??

Article 3/16/10, 4:58 AM

I have to admit Playmate is damn good....What a good thing for MYM. But as far as i knew,he is not a friendly guy out there. Callin other retard & stupid very a little mistake. LOL [:P]

Article 2/27/10, 11:20 AM