Who would do those kind of thing? LOL

Article 7/31/13, 12:54 PM

All the best Na'vi

Article 7/31/13, 12:53 PM

Oh come on noww

Article 7/28/13, 4:25 PM

All the best for LGD.Int

Article 7/28/13, 4:09 PM

Game 4 was intense....Gratz Na'vi...this is to show that there is always a way to break chinese domination in dota. Let see what the chinese will come up with in TI3

Article 7/10/13, 4:21 AM

what a news!

Article 7/9/13, 1:22 PM

Well ....at least we are not going to see all chinese teams Finals

Article 7/9/13, 4:58 AM

ZSMJ ftw....too bad that he is not chinese tier 1 team.

Article 7/8/13, 12:39 PM