So the moment only Na'Vi can beat Alliance.

Article 11/17/13, 4:34 PM

DK seems unstable after the latest patch ...[A] will likely take this one....

Article 11/17/13, 12:40 AM

^ so true and you got the point

Article 11/6/13, 10:54 AM


Article 11/6/13, 1:00 AM

@yuen4psion Mushi is malaysian chinese and iceiceice is singaporean chinese....So not only they talk chinese now but from quite a long time ago..LOL

Article 10/3/13, 5:18 AM

damn that stronk...unbeatable so far

Match 8/9/13, 6:27 AM

Nicely done!

Article 8/6/13, 3:24 PM


Article 7/31/13, 12:58 PM