No way Alliances win this one. Unless Kuro & Puppey are trollin on BO1

Match 6/18/15, 10:05 AM

Wanted to bet on iG but iG still unstable compared to the rest. But on BO1 anything can happen.

Match 6/18/15, 10:02 AM

True....So true. Maybe VG will make it to top 3 on this ESL. But not iG..then again BO1? U never know

Article 6/18/15, 5:55 AM


Article 12/9/13, 8:41 AM

Got the point...that's not how the serious DK plays. They just want to shut [A]

Article 11/24/13, 4:57 AM

all da best

Article 11/24/13, 3:59 AM

gg to both

Match 11/24/13, 1:36 AM

omg....Shadow Fiend incoming...

Article 11/20/13, 11:52 AM