• Location Poland
  • Date of birth Jan 5, 1995
  • Primary game StarCraft

8883's activity

Who made this?

Article 8/4/10, 5:26 AM

flipstar is really paying money for them?

Article 2/24/10, 4:15 PM

How much do i have to pay this time?

Article 1/19/10, 4:56 PM

you can learn enough from threads/vods/replays...

Article 1/16/10, 8:14 AM

ze german 2on2 is a joke!

Article 1/16/10, 2:00 AM

time to get a real job! gogo!!!

Article 12/29/09, 9:44 PM

the third one is a cheater who kills his eggs to get minerals

Article 12/9/09, 9:23 PM

the game looks like shit.

Article 1/10/09, 1:55 AM
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