Are you sir capable of understanding basic English ? Seems like no. The meaning of the phrase to be ahead of somebody/something is that you are superior in terms of performance, quality or any other attribute that matters in that particular situation. FAR AWAY refers to distance. Get a dictionary.

Match 6/1/14, 10:31 AM

East is abnormally far ahead of the western scene. All in for NewBee

Match 5/31/14, 5:12 PM

I am not a Na'Vi hater sir, I actually really enjoy high-quality dota coming out of their 5 players. As you probably have observed they play the game with a touch of innovation and bravery to pick something not really common among top dogs of the scene. I was just pointing to what the data indicates. I definitely agree that every team has an up and a down period. As for the other person to whose comment you have initially responded, he appears to be insulting for no reason and I am not taking any responsibility for his manner of expression.

Match 5/30/14, 6:52 PM

Actually, he is right, na'vi have been losing to tier 2 teams all the time, tier 1 teams were joking around with na'vi crushing them left and right time and time again over the past 5 months ...

Match 5/30/14, 6:49 AM