AAA hard carry and super MID solo are definitely

Article 8/23/11, 1:07 PM

LGD and TYLOO tactic are the most considerable.

Article 7/26/11, 8:15 PM

That sounds kick ass [satisfied]

Article 7/26/11, 8:10 PM

Btw, where is PIS, does he retire? [eh]

Article 7/25/11, 3:56 AM

Last two year, i remember someone post that MYM lose from unknown asian team [:P] on SMM

Article 6/24/11, 6:08 AM

epic roshan war scene [blush]

Article 2/21/11, 8:22 AM

the final round hero is epic [crazy]

Article 2/18/11, 10:02 AM

plz dont come back, LEGEND NEVER COMEBACK #49 i agree

Article 2/18/11, 7:57 AM