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  • Location Fiji
  • Primary game Dota 2

Biliger's activity

sonneiko to vega

Article 11/13/16, 8:14 PM

nice to see s4 playing with n0tail again

Article 8/31/16, 11:36 PM

who cares about the drama when you are 1st? :D

Article 8/30/16, 7:56 PM

drama drama

Article 8/17/16, 3:01 PM

agree with you.. No[One] is legit mid player one of the best puck players out there was a mistake kickin him out

Article 8/16/16, 9:16 PM

epic fail

Article 9/2/13, 10:15 PM

na'vi should rename in TBA

Article 8/30/13, 5:13 PM


Article 8/30/13, 2:56 PM
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