I love LGD <3

Article 1/3/13, 8:44 PM

Now this is finally looking like an awesome piece of newssite! An article about each big match, thats how it should be done! good times ahead for GGnet!

Article 12/27/12, 6:39 PM

any top10 atm?

Article 8/31/12, 7:01 PM

#8 show some respect to V1lat, you fucked his tournament up, EG did they same, but to show v1lat some respect for his work, they forfeited the money they would've gotten. (No this is no insult, just; really, take it in private with him before going public, if you have, show it to the others, cause this is public for christ sake, you can't just write what you want).

Article 8/16/12, 7:03 PM

big probs to you, awesome blog! I have always loved you as a player, no matter how many times I went 0-10 CM (probably being the main reason we lost) in our DP2 games, you still wanted to play with me, I remember our conversation while waiting for the plane in Berlin after first TI(about what could beat aa solo mid :D) I remember how you gave me ideas over steam chat on how to play and I could go on. I really hope monkeybusiness works out, I know Link from my time in NE, great guy, I had the awesome oppertunity of playing on team with Unicorn once, very talented guy, as for the last 2 I am not entirely sure who they are, but good luck! I really hope you will go on, and become #1 team in the world :)

Article 8/1/12, 11:43 PM

VP lineup?

Article 7/21/12, 2:40 PM

Was I the only to notice, that Dream Arena Extreme will only be game2 (and 3 if happening) of the grand final?

Article 6/12/12, 2:15 PM

notahax is finnish i believe?Oo

Article 6/3/12, 11:47 PM