• Name Nashib Omar
  • Location Bangladesh
  • Date of birth Feb 2, 1992

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What is shit? Hahaha

Article 8/28/14, 2:44 PM

OMG this is great news!

Article 7/29/14, 9:04 PM

Couldn't agree more. But please do keep in mind to keep your CAPS off next time when commenting.

Article 7/26/14, 7:19 AM


Article 7/26/14, 7:18 AM

DK wins game 3. Next game against VG.

Match 7/20/14, 10:33 PM

Not going to happen it seems like.

Match 7/11/14, 5:00 AM

Its a fake account.

Article 7/9/14, 11:50 AM


Match 7/9/14, 1:43 AM
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