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  • Location Mexico
  • Date of birth Mar 11, 1989
  • Primary game StarCraft 2
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Honestly, I don't care at all about hyhy's statement, because this is the real world. If you are not paid even though you are legally inclined to be paid, then you perform legal actions to get your money anyways. If the contract that MYM laid out for them said that they didn't have to pay them if they did not perform at a certain level, or obtain a certain level of achievement, or if MYM feels that there was a breech of contract in terms of practice or anything on any level, then nobody cares about the poor Singaporean team. MAN UP AND TAKE LEGAL ACTION OR DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING kk thx.

Article 4/23/12, 3:07 AM

#32 Being tier 2 after retiring is not the same. They were both retired players who then switched to SC2. In any case, they were tier 1 SC:BW pros. Stephano was not a tier 1 pro. The point is that most tier 1 pros have trouble adjusting, as they were awesome at THAT game for a reason, and that particular reason can not be carried over to the next game, or even to the next few years in the same game. There needs to be a transition, and that's never easy. The successful have been those who were not so successful in their previous games. Not to say they sucked, but they were not comparable to the top 15 players in the world, in any way... Infi knows that he has no chance to be the best at SC2, but he hopes to at least be able to make a living off of it in China. It would be embarrassing to leave China, because he's not going to get good enough to beat the best in the world. That's his point, and that's what most transfers need to realize as well. Honestly though, I didn't like this interview. Not interesting.

Article 4/5/12, 1:53 PM

-.- DotA is a bad game. DotA 2 might be good, but DotA was not. Such a horrible experience compared to. At least wc3 was a good game. It's a shame that Blizzard killed it and led people to believe that it died because of DotA, SC2, or anything else.

Article 8/26/11, 12:57 AM

lol you people need to learn to read. They said he's not in the poll because he is extremely poorly mannered, not because he wasn't good enough to be included. In other words, he's not eligible for this award due to his circumstances. Stop crying and saying he deserves to be here, because he doesn't. I don't care if he's good, he's also an embarrassment. To actually post on the topic though, I'd really like to see MorroW win this. Since he didn't go to Korea he's less likely to win this, but I think if all foreigners would have stayed in their locations, or if MorroW would have gone to Korea, MorroW would be the best candidate for this. If he were to lose to anyone it would be Jinro for his GSL performance. I really don't understand why Loner and Sen aren't up here though. I guess GG doesn't follow Asian games?

Article 1/13/11, 9:57 PM

No Fungal Growth vs air?? That's like saying "infestors are now mostly useless unless you're up against pure marine marauder". Why not just take the unit out completely and put in something that's going to be useful in more than 1 (never seen) scenario.

Article 12/28/10, 6:18 AM

#3 Actually it's not the same as calling SlayerSBoxeR "SlayerS" because there is another player named SlayerS. Just the same, you can't call him BoxeR for short because there is also another player named BoxeR. Stick to his full name of SlayerSBoxeR now plz. But I do agree with you, the writer should not call CheckPrime "Prime". It doesn't make any sense at all. What happens if MakaPrime plays vs CheckPrime? "prime took the advantage but then all of a sudden prime made an amazing comeback, but then prime expo'd and out eco'd prime. finally an all in attack won prime the game over prime" Prime is a clan, not part of his personally chosen gamer name. You wouldn't call TSLssKs or TSLCool "TSL" so don't call CheckPrime "Prime" But yeah other than that silliness, good write up.

Article 10/25/10, 6:53 PM

#18 Baby is not BabyByeBye They are 2 different players. Baby.WeRRa lost while BabyByeBye is still advancing into ro16

Article 10/23/10, 7:02 AM

lol people said "this is the last year for wc3" in 2008 because they were stupid and angry. Now a days, the statistics involved bring wc3 down a huge notch which leads most people to believe that this actually is it's last year. By 'last year' nobody means that this will be the last year anyone plays wc3; it means this is the last year wc3 will be supported internationally as a professional eSport. There will be small little amateur leagues going on with old semi pros dominating the scene. There will be a very small amount of Chinese tournamnts going on with some invited Koreans. That will be the extent of wc3. It will no longer be supported by WCG and there won't be any major team or solo leagues with prize money outside of China. Even Grubby officially announced he's leaving wc3 after this year ends. So let's just enjoy this while it lasts.

Article 9/29/10, 10:17 PM
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