• Name Rohit Jacob
  • Location India
  • Date of birth Sep 16, 1989

GeeJay's activity

EZ times

Article 9/8/14, 9:07 PM

time to get back to diablo i guess

Article 8/21/12, 5:25 PM

#37 i believe in addition to the 32 there is some points deducted based on the ranking of the tournament

Article 5/24/12, 9:54 PM

winners will be receive an email with the beta key

Article 3/5/12, 8:59 PM

lewl zeyall pwnt

Blog 11/16/11, 8:33 AM

d(-_-)b receptor

Article 11/5/11, 4:14 PM

vilat will be casting the other games so all the games will be casted one way or the other

Article 10/29/11, 11:46 AM

Happy diwali to you too

Blog 10/26/11, 10:02 PM
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