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Na'Vi win ESWC 2012. Biggest upset in e-sports history!

Article 11/4/12, 11:25 AM

#10 we wouldn't be so hard on this tournament if it simply was a small, local thing trying to establish itself. But this is ESWC. It considers itself to be an electronic sports WORLD cup, and this tournament had many chances to prove itself in the past. It has a history of not paying pricemoney, doesn't pay travel expences and only two of the present teams could be considered to be worthy of a "world cup", while china, by far the most powerful dota nation, simply ignores it. I can not remember a single LAN tournament with this amount of declined invitations. Also, it doesn't make for exciting Dota to have 2 teams stomp everyone, making the only thing worth watching the grand finales (who also happen to be played at a time where a lot of people still are asleep). I'm not saying this tournament should be able to compete with TI2, but considering its history and what it aims to be, you can't call it anythign but a failure.

Article 11/3/12, 5:16 PM

Yeah, this group stage... so exciting and unpredictable... anyone can beat anyone. This is truly a "World Cup".

Article 11/3/12, 4:11 PM

Definetly seppo aka UBLI, most entertaining team ever.

Article 1/4/11, 1:37 AM

when ArtStyle went to play for Na'Vi, it was pretty clear that Dendi would follow - NaVi wants to build an all ucraine team able to dominate the world, and they need both ex-DTS players for that.

Article 12/25/10, 4:19 PM

Well, the pic is a little bit old. Good luck! Finally, there is a competetive German team with players that are actually nice people. Also, Kev as a Captain? Gangstyle incoming.

Article 12/12/10, 11:46 PM

I really like pick-league. Even in the first division, there isn't all the drama and pressure we get in modern global online and lan tournaments.

Article 11/14/10, 9:37 PM

A-Team ftw!

Article 10/17/10, 9:48 PM
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