Group A: MUFC, Departure Group B:, TNC gaming

Article 4/24/13, 9:34 PM

#4 lol, you must be new here. Protips: MyGosubets (top) --> Amount: (ยป Reset to 50) Click on Reset to 50.

Article 4/8/13, 5:45 PM

Diablo 3 is in the top 10 and not Path Of Exile??! I call this bullshit.

Article 4/5/13, 2:11 AM

#37 Yeah this and also that VP like to abuse the pause in case you did not notice... Ho shit there is teamfight incoming just let's pause and discuss about this... same thing with smoke gang. And you know what? generally they pause for more than 2 minute... just a coincidence with the stream delay? I don't think so... just a easy way to "maphack". Check what I said in the incoming match, and you will see that im not totally wrong, that look just to suspicious.

Article 3/21/13, 11:55 AM

I just hope LoH won't join Virtus Pause, he deserves better than this shameless team.

Article 3/21/13, 11:29 AM

Azen plz.

Article 2/27/13, 9:05 AM

lol @ 4 guys, 1 girl and a DOTA cup, epic team name.

Article 1/22/13, 6:57 PM

This delay is so retarded...

Article 1/15/13, 5:12 PM