• Name Ronnie Nielsen
  • Location Denmark
  • Date of birth Sep 24, 1983
  • Primary game DotA
[URL=http://s01.flagcounter.com/more/hAt][IMG]http://s01.flagcounter.com/count/hAt/bg=FFFFFF/txt=000000/border=CCCCCC/columns=6/maxflags=24/viewers=0/labels=0/[/IMG][/URL] quote Nein-nein-nein : LOL = dota for kids HON = dota for newbs thats why i play DotA!!! quote Timbeluringen Oh god, german shoutcast.... Their language sounds made up really... lol at swedish to mate :P quote Nebaz Mitt vad: 1337 på Postpone. Med denna procentsatsen kan du vinna: över 9000

Formanden's activity

BabyK is back

Match 12/8/14, 2:36 PM


Match 11/24/14, 5:32 PM

#34 LOL WP mTw Funzii for pres.!

Article 6/19/12, 5:33 PM

jungle rulez ? wtf [crazy]

Article 5/30/12, 9:19 PM

Danne = Autowin+AutoDL

Article 2/27/12, 6:14 PM

fair nuf

Article 7/17/11, 9:56 PM

this guy is SO pro i can't belive he's skill is so above the rest of the pro dota scene, maybe just create a 1 player team, no need feeders imo!

Blog 6/20/11, 7:25 PM

OMG Na-Vi suddently > China

Article 6/17/11, 8:24 PM
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