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Hey baby dont think you are so hot. I am still gonna report your ass. As for this: I smell bullshit. And bullshit smells bad.

Article 9/13/10, 7:47 PM

Just dont kill yourself when another "dream team" fails mmmmmmkay? Good fanboys! #86 will people like you ever learn? I doubt it.

Article 9/13/10, 3:47 PM

#105 You dont care and you still go forward insulting her looks even though its pretty obvious she reads the comments? You are such an admirable fellow >.>

Article 8/12/10, 8:07 PM

Mostly useless info but hey people who right things this long should be respected ^^

Article 8/11/10, 8:54 PM

Women with glasses give me..........err nice read I mean ^^

Article 8/11/10, 7:01 AM

#144 nonono you dont understand. In Starcraft(assuming you play 1v1) you have 2 armies with different colours that beat each other up and destroy buildings again in different colours. Sometimes colours dont even matter when they are 2 different races. So yea even if you dont know shit about it you can still understand whats going on if for example many units in blue colour kill a larger number of units in red. In Dota we have 2 teams of 5 people all with different heroes. And these different heroes have different skills. Now tell me if you dont know shit about Dota would you understand whats going on in a team fight for example? You'll see some flashy lights, heroes dying and thats all. The whole concept of creeps, heroes, buildings, items, skills......it has to be learned before you can enjoy a Dota game. So yes he was right with this statement. It has nothing to do with how hard the game itself is to master :)

Article 8/10/10, 8:32 PM

WE WILL BEAT THEM WITH OUT SPIRIT!!!!!!!!1111ONE btw I suspect some members of gosucrew actually enjoy watching asia vs euro nerd wars. Cant blame them of course, shit has been discussed over and over again for months and it seems like people still have energy to argue(flame). Thumbs up for supporting the trolling.

Article 8/10/10, 6:13 AM

So the highlight of this interview was not what Jolie has to say but that vigoss will be back. COOL!

Article 8/2/10, 7:27 PM
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