• Name Ali Hamada
  • Date of birth Jun 4, 1989
  • Primary game WarCraft 3

Alesmus's activity

best match EVER in e-spot history

Article 11/8/10, 10:26 PM

And u won't have those hackers problems if u play a real game * HoN* not an addon/custom map

Article 11/5/10, 2:55 PM

why would someone wanna play with a jew ?? [T_T]

Article 8/13/10, 1:13 AM

those 4 teams are all good and the only thing that make the deference if the server

Article 5/30/10, 8:44 AM

Z3ph u are wrong , monkey is good early game for players to get their boots from the main base and to get items ( mainly boots ) and with adding the boots to the outpost no one in pubs even going to bother with getting a monkey up since they can get their boots from outpost

Article 5/27/10, 1:40 AM

Well to be honest with adding boots in outposts aren't a smart move in my opinion ( from the pubs side ) since in pubs u rarely see any support players who buy wards/monkeys but from the top tier lvl of the game it's a good change and can't wait to watch scrims for high lvl teams with this new patch

Article 5/26/10, 11:57 PM

#18 if a pub if i saw someone picking zep i just go arachna and get shieldbraker and i win in any combat vs him even when is out lvling me

Article 5/25/10, 2:32 PM

#4 HB str growth were fine , the only reason why he always banned is becuase hes the best support/babysitter early/mid game and when u get refresher u'll get 2 stuns/pets from hes ulti which can rape any team no matter what #6 Zephyr nerf ? are u kidding ? he dont need any nerf hes easily counter-able

Article 5/22/10, 10:38 PM
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