• Name Victor Danila
  • Location Romania
  • Date of birth Aug 27, 1984
  • Primary game Dota 2

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No one forces players to accept offers from organizations that are known for such shenanigans. It's the players that are supposed to do something for the situation to change. But maybe they like it like this.

Article 7/17/15, 8:15 AM

Natus Vincere 9 mins ยท Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev has US Visa now! Big thank you to Valve and Senator Maria Cantwell for all your help! Now it's time to win The International! So cty and Sonneiko are solved. Hopefully Cema will also get his Visa. And Valve will finally learn such visa problem will always occur, thus players require support.

Article 7/16/15, 10:38 AM

"Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev has US Visa now! Big thank you to Valve and Senator Maria Cantwell for all your help! Now it's time to win The International!"

Article 7/16/15, 10:36 AM

That's the whole thing. Everyone knows the issues with US visas. Thus Valve either solves the issue the way Riot did or change the location for their tournament(s) so players won't be hindered by the laws.

Article 7/13/15, 1:12 PM

You can like or hate Na'Vi, but such things are wrong. I'm glad I didn't but the compendium. I hope this is the last major event organized in US.

Article 7/13/15, 12:54 PM

V1lat is right. Online tournaments are a thing of the past - at least at the highest elvel - and the scene has to move forward in order to improve. If you don't offer quality the fan won't stay and won't pay. That's the point here. And without fans there's no money, no sponsors, no recognition, nothing. And we're back to the days when the likes of Maelk, Loda, Vigoss or 820 would sleep on the backseat of the car just to be able to fight the next day for a mouse in a tournament...

Article 7/8/15, 1:36 AM

As far as I know Gosugamers originates from Sweden and is now based in Germany. So no US.

Article 7/3/15, 9:35 AM

Exactly the reason I don't consider buying a compendium a wise investment. For as long as Valve cannot help players be recognized as athletes, something than Riot can, there is simply no point to invest a single cent in cosmetics, tickets and so on as the money does not help the scene at all.

Article 7/3/15, 8:53 AM
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