inb4 yamateh moves to china

Article 11/18/10, 12:00 AM

fuck off blizzard. All these years you did nothing to show your support for DotA in terms of tourneys sponsors etc.

Article 10/28/10, 9:02 PM

icefrog or gtfo wc3 or gtfo

Article 10/23/10, 2:35 AM

lan or online ?

Article 10/17/10, 11:34 PM

Thank god its not free. Also any idea about the system requirements ?

Article 10/13/10, 9:50 PM

Yamateh's going to get a sore back, playing like that.

Article 10/7/10, 5:36 PM

jus pay 11000 euros to Ehome and save time.

Article 9/1/10, 8:02 AM

as if they will win anything

Article 8/31/10, 11:16 PM