• Name Rastko Simic
  • Location Serbia
  • Date of birth Dec 30, 1990
  • Primary game DotA

Faek's activity

What's a good team/band without drama?

Article 5/29/12, 1:15 PM

Cheers on the creative ideas for the contests. May the best men win!

Article 2/23/12, 4:36 PM

He looks a bit like Assange in this photo

Article 12/22/10, 9:17 PM

#38 It was RUB, that's old money. Now it's rur, you can google it. (well I may be wrong, but until a Russian confirms it, it stays RUR :) )

Article 5/20/10, 9:45 PM

#29 #30 It is said that vigoss has taken 4 chickens and trained them for this tourney.

Article 5/20/10, 7:39 PM

Yep, Home is playing, too

Article 5/20/10, 5:19 PM

As a HoNbasher myself, I have to admit that there is no harm in giving it its own section on this site. It may be an ugly reskin, but people are entitled to their own taste and opinion, and you can't blame them for picking it over DotAr. No need to boycott anything. Give your support to what you like, and ignore the things that you don't, as simple as that. I don't like seeing how much money goes into HoN either, but there's nothing we could (and should) do about it. HoN will either improve, and become something worthy, or it won't and it'll end up like Demigod. Also, calling LoL a failure is a very harsh move, since it's [i]gaining[/i] popularity.

Blog 5/20/10, 11:54 AM

#11 AoS is an archetype, you can't steal that. Anyway, nice prices! I'm still not a fan of HoN, but I guess you guys have the rights to your own tournaments and whatnot - hopefully the game will improve enough to justify it.

Article 5/11/10, 11:54 PM
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