nice one

Article 2/1/10, 4:01 PM

when are some news about chinas player I always see the same man on the picture....:D

Article 1/11/10, 10:30 AM

Feel sorry about players who go play HoN....Anyway they will come back to dota like hanny (Joker) did... [santa]

Article 1/6/10, 4:45 PM

AND what about russians? Did you forgot that they are best players in europe...?

Article 1/6/10, 11:15 AM

rather told us that in rox.kis played M.Admiration, viggos, jolie, lightofheaven, ns.... [:)] And show us replays [santa] I mean we need some good news...

Article 1/2/10, 2:32 PM

NO kuroky, no miracle, no jolie, no lavent...Puppey was the best and the key player in

Article 11/9/09, 4:12 PM