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Article 4/21/10, 5:40 PM

"one of the world's best team" lol only "one of the Europe's best team"

Article 4/19/10, 6:18 PM

Don't forgot that he was in 2nd team on ADL and he defeated CH:D

Article 4/16/10, 4:56 PM

#79 ?????where did you pick up this rubbish? ESWC, 2nd biggest prize pool for dota and i did see there any word about hon

Article 4/5/10, 1:55 PM

now you can start playing dota again and kick loda's ass in F4F big final [:)]

Article 4/5/10, 8:34 AM

Actually tricking with magic wand is entertaining.

Article 3/4/10, 3:25 PM

lol delete this topic and kill hanny:D

Article 2/15/10, 5:58 PM

I just wanna know if the russias put togehter rox.kis again :) if they do that, they will win:) [:)]

Article 2/1/10, 4:05 PM