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BTW they really need to pass portion of the TI prize pool to the DPC top-4/top8...1) it makes the tournaments much more relevant, 2) it's so much harder to play good consistently, 3) it's more fair to the teams, because when you get more matches played, element of luck is obviously reduced 4 ) not only the tournaments by themselves are more relevant, it brings whole new set of entertainment, I mean VP fans could have turn off their computers after 1st major, this way it keeps the fans linked to the matches during the whole year and it makes them follow the scene more closely...(it doesn't have to be the biggest prize, winning TI can still be more important, but being team number one during the year should mean something) With DPC points and major tournament system improved in last two years, with additional tweaks incoming, I think DPC is at a point where it can produce fair results for all teams...

Article 6/28/19, 11:00 AM

OG hit the jackpot with the TI win, they can only lose...best thing for them is to retire, wise move... EDIT: with the region they had, it would be a surprise if they qualified to any major...

Article 11/21/18, 1:40 PM

looking forward to VP dominating the whole year again with amazing plays, and then play like mediocre team at TI, gonna be fun...the question rises who were better team this year OG who won TI or VP who won DPC? I'd say OG because it's not like they got lucky they played great when it mattered, the mental fortitude and performing under the spotlight should be considered when rating dota teams...

Article 8/30/18, 1:08 PM

Don't know what to think about this..

Article 6/5/18, 10:12 AM

hope that VP will run elimination mode, that could make it interesting...

Article 5/29/18, 8:24 PM

can smbdy tell me how many big teams are in the open qualifiers for each region? NA - EG+coL+VGJ.Storm? (competing for 2 slots in regional qualifier?) CIS- Na'vi, EU -OG

Article 5/28/18, 10:11 AM

dude it seeded according to th official ranking? no? = so 7th vs 10th sounds like perfectly good match up and then winner against number 2nd/3rd makes total sense EDIT: in both groups the ranks 1-4 meet in the finals...

Article 1/19/18, 10:22 PM

And VP fans be like: WHAT we won a Major, WHAT?!!!! fake news...

Article 10/30/17, 9:25 PM
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