haha facepalm

Article 10/12/19, 6:48 AM

yea, ggnews is now dead for a long time. it wasnt as good and reliable as it used to back then

Article 4/16/19, 9:12 AM

good riddance. pajkatt is not the right man to carry OG, or any team. he should went for pos 5, since nothing extra-ordinary from his gameplay as "carry"

Article 1/4/19, 6:48 AM

where is team liquid

Article 9/28/18, 3:07 PM

cuz he is

Article 6/25/18, 11:37 AM

Same story goes to navi. i read article online," Each region will have two open qualifiers, each with an as-yet undisclosed number of slots open to regional qualifiers. When there haven't been enough worthy teams to fill eight slots in regionals in the past, Valve have opened up more slots from open qualifiers."

Article 6/25/18, 2:40 AM

this is what fans litterally want to hear! s4 to go eg, and never thought fly aswell. good luck to this team, i have big faith as this is one of major powerhouse

Article 5/29/18, 12:20 PM

haha the quick pool. nothing extraordinary news to bexpected coming from this team.. :v

Article 10/4/17, 3:48 PM