When i though America have it all..... In SEA, there's no place without cybercafe every 1 mile.

Article 8/31/12, 7:50 AM

Sigh... when the fck wil gg.net learn not to spoilt things up? Once there's better dota2 news site i will abandon this website.

Article 8/26/12, 11:07 AM

How the fck one lost a passport... that's one of the most important thing to look after for during travelling overseas. Sharky deserved this shit(not participating TI2), I feel bad for his teammates for having him.

Article 8/26/12, 5:36 AM

Well..... fck you sharky... way to go screwing your teammates. Might as well go on shopping spree on Hongkong.

Article 8/26/12, 5:32 AM

are they held twice a year?

Article 8/1/12, 2:07 PM

Damn you LoTH, coaching 3 beautiful women... i am so jealous.

Article 7/26/12, 3:02 PM

Midnight dota match according to my local time. Sigh...gonna miss mtw vs next.kz.

Article 7/18/12, 1:40 PM

@8 [b]MOD EDIT[/b]. Read the article properly, it's based on x-fire the most questionable software to get data from. Starcraft 2 under Maplestory, i think there's something seriously wrong here. I read from reddit they took the time data from year 2009 where SC2 and Diablo 2 haven't released yet. But still WoW as the most subscribed mmorpg in the world come second to LoL? This is retarded and shame on GG.net to put at the front news because this is as inaccurate as Fox News report on weapon of mass destruction.

Article 7/17/12, 2:44 PM