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4 out of 5 best western teams. This is going to be epic.

Article 4/9/14, 2:25 AM

This change is unfair for those who are trying to beat the maximum lvl. Now that a team achieved 218, without stunning or hex, how can you top that?

Article 11/21/13, 9:06 PM

I do see XBOCT's point. He played really well during the entire TI3. He was the reason Na'Vi won vs Orange. In that 3rd game, that pudge-chen strat would eventually stop working, and he managed to farm during a really pressured game and lead them to win. The first game Navi vs Alliance, you can't even say anything. Puppey just threw a first game with terrible picks (as someone stated above, puppey has an iron hand and cant handle conversation..) Now, in game 3, XBOCT handled an agressive trilane bot ALL BY HIMSELF and managed to doublekill [A] twice WITHOUT support. A few minutes later he decides to go jungle with puppey and Kuro goes bot to farm alone. How's that? Why didn't Kuro go there to babysit him in first place? This is one thing I didn't get. And the most important: The coil s4 caught 3 heroes. Come on. Puppey decided to hug dendi before TPing and s4 took a great opportunity. With that defence, I think Navi would have won. XBOCT is right in what he is saying, altough I dont think he should have said :D

Article 8/12/13, 7:44 PM

hexor: never achieved anything big on his dota career, and became famous with overly edited pubstomp videos. wasnt there anyone else better to interview?

Article 1/7/13, 1:03 AM


Article 8/9/11, 6:16 AM

mdj got this like np

Article 8/9/11, 1:53 AM

-arshom it would be so awesome if everyone got meepo

Article 8/5/11, 3:29 AM

that was really sh*tty are you serious that a mirana scene where she hits a blind arrow is on a 'top 10'?

Article 7/27/11, 1:26 AM
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