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s4dn3ss's activity

vods are of rattlesnake vs ig, not rstars vs ig

Match 11/22/13, 10:08 AM

#38 LOL XINXIN i remember that piece of turd

Article 8/31/12, 11:17 AM

oh shit. which shop you trading at? JSC?

Article 4/13/12, 6:04 PM

[quote]Huk was code S and dropped code A (as did mvp and GanZi...), so no shame there.[/quote] and huk made it to code s via MLG, not going through code b and code a. mvp and ganzi also climbed back up into code s after dropping down, whereas huk........ you're not making a very strong point.

Article 2/24/12, 6:24 AM

how does him being bad detract from his statement?? strong logic, idiots. [quote]But players such as Stephano, Huk, ToD, ThorZain, Ret, Naniwa, Sen, Kas are far from "fucking horrible" as he puts it. [/quote] and how many of them survived more than 2 rounds of code A?

Article 2/23/12, 12:56 AM

#61 Do you also realise that your (and his) opinion mean absolutely nothing to me? What is there to argue? What he said is completely wrong, and if you cannot see that, then that just shows your own level of intelligence and understanding of the world.

Article 12/14/11, 6:08 PM

[quote]I find it funny because people havent got a freaking clue how much discrimination there is in Korea and Japan. Ever seen a note outside a restaurant saying: "No foreigners allowed"? Not in our little fragile European minds....[/quote] Lol don't talk like you think you know shit, because you don't. Fkn scrub who believes everything he reads on the internet. How about you step outside your little box and take some time to go live in another country then talk. Ignorant, narrow minded retard. If GOM was so biased against foreigers why would they bother inviting two more to participate in Code S? Why would they bother having the GSL/MLG exchange? Because they want more money. If Naniwa acted professionally as he should have, and reaped profits for GOM rather than angering fans, nothing would have happened. Apparently though, he's as much of an idiot as you are.

Article 12/14/11, 5:57 PM

[quote]To s4dn3ss: It's indeed SAD that you care only about your own life, when there are over 7 billion people in this world, ever cared for anyone that's not you?[/quote] I care about those who matter to me, life is easier that way. [quote]You can beat your wife up and verbally abuse her, then take her out to some fancy dinner with a bouquet of roses.[/quote] Following your analogy, this "marriage" (Greece joining the EU) should never have taken place in the first place. Unified monetary policy without unified fiscal policy? That's like marrying someone who has completely different personal values to you - it would never work out. [quote]And you, in Australia, you're suffering from unemployment due to the "decades of rampant public spending" of... wait of it... GREECE! An insignificant country in Europe (economically speaking, it's a beautiful country), and even more insignificant in the world! Seriously?[/quote] Who does Greece owe this debt? Global financial institutions/investment banks. When these banks are forced to write off 50% of this debt, not to mention the impact of the EU economies on stockmarkets WORLDWIDE and trading profits (or lack thereof), banks need to cut costs and what better way than to reduce hiring? You sound like an intelligent guy. I'm sure you've read the news about HSBC and Credit Suisse (and countless other banks) cutting 30 000 and over 3000 employees respectively earlier just this year. This has a direct impact on the increase in unemployment of graduates. In fact, PwC has already delayed (indefinitely) the start for those who have already received offers for 2012.

Blog 11/27/11, 3:36 AM
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