• Name mededja medjurina
  • Location Serbia
  • Date of birth Jan 2, 1988

medjed's activity

like twitch can get any worse

Article 7/26/14, 1:34 PM

best game of the tournament so far

Match 7/18/14, 8:28 PM

same as navi. living in the past

Article 7/12/14, 9:31 AM

3 out of 4 chinese teams, what a shock

Article 7/11/14, 9:08 AM


Match 7/9/14, 12:03 AM

its not even rtz playing good, its dendi playing bad

Match 7/8/14, 8:28 PM

Casting more exciting than a match

Match 6/29/14, 6:39 PM

furion almost as good as bulldogs

Match 6/29/14, 12:55 PM
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