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And rares were won... :)

Article 4/30/14, 12:12 PM

Actually I am fucking serious. All of you say the movie is about the sacrifices being made and the hardships that were endured. I saw nothing of the sort in the movie. If this makes me a troll, so be it. I'd rather be a troll than a blind valve fanboy.

Article 3/19/14, 7:26 PM

Can anyone point me to a moment in the movie where it shows/tells us who sacrificed what in his life? People not understaning a person's passion for a game and thinking it is wasting one's life is NOT a sacrifice. Nor is it any real hardship or obstacle to overcome. "Oh, noez, my family doesn't understand how much I love this game and that it can actually be more or less profitable at some time in the future perhaps. My life is over, this is the worst fate of any human being on the planet." Gimme a break........

Article 3/19/14, 7:06 PM

What I expected was something more about the free to play games in general. The damn thing IS called "Free to Play" after all. The name doesn't fit the subject of the movie at all. Dota 2 is a free to play game but it's not the only one. It's like americans and their "world series" in which USA is the only participant. The world does have other countries, you know. Anyway, I didn't see any particular sacrifices being made. The movie doesn't mention any sacrifices done by players. It doesn't show any hardship the players had to go through, except for maybe hyhy a very little bit. So please spare me the fucking drama.

Article 3/19/14, 7:00 PM

Free To Play: The Movie? More like The International: The Documentary. Contrived drivel. Then again, it's valve, this is as far as their abilities and talant goes I suppose.

Article 3/19/14, 6:23 PM

I don't know why Zephyr is even allowed to compete. Why don't the koreans allow only local teams until they get better. Stupid, stupid, stupid! However that doesn't excuse team Zephyr. Forming a team just so that you can take advantage of the inexperienced koreans is still very sly and dishonorable. Why don't they try competing with chinese or european teams? Fuckin' opportunistic vermin!

Article 2/16/14, 1:38 PM

So Korok is in school and it never crossed his or the people at dignitas' minds that his commitments might interfere with his participations with the team? Seriously?! So Korok is a douchebag (for not telling them before he signed) or a moron (for not figuring it out in advance) and managers at Dignitas are morons as well for also not figuring out that getting a student who is still in school might not go as smoothly as they would like. So this is "pro" gaming, huh, idiots who can't put 2 and 2 together? gg no re

Article 11/11/13, 1:42 AM

Getting rid of the romanians and Bamboe, but keeping MaNia? Holy shit, someone at AL has a brain. Well done, AL! I don't think this team will have much success but I like it and wish them the best.

Article 2/11/13, 4:35 PM
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