• Location Russian Federation
  • Date of birth Oct 1, 1989
  • Primary game DotA

Rossoneri's activity

but he have more mmr than you..

Article 11/6/15, 3:24 AM

What happened to HGT?

Article 10/9/15, 7:05 AM

i need to buy Premium acc for that?

Article 9/4/15, 10:29 AM

VG is struggling. Hao on b/p now :(

Match 5/29/15, 11:43 AM


Match 5/29/15, 8:11 AM

Rabbit played Lion and SanSheng was on carry past two games so..

Match 5/20/15, 7:15 AM

what? vg dont trust each other? nice joke

Match 5/16/15, 4:09 PM

YaphetS hype??

Match 5/7/15, 9:55 AM
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