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TRAXEXBOOBS's activity

NS confirmed that they did not participate in that tournament.

Article 4/8/12, 5:37 PM

2 They decided to boycott that retarded m5 organization :D

Article 4/4/12, 10:37 AM

I pretty sure they will change most of his animations.

Article 3/15/12, 11:53 AM

Good news, he's a great player.

Article 3/9/12, 11:16 AM

9 Maybe one of he oldest europeans? Because if you think hardly enough you can easily name dozen of players from both Asia and Europe who very playing competitively even before Grubby.

Article 3/8/12, 8:55 PM

Feast is a beast, good luck to him.

Article 3/8/12, 11:03 AM

12 Can't agree with you completely. While FD can give them some piece of advise on how to behave in major tournaments and LANs, I don't think he can be as useful as a couch should be. As I see things, probably 90% of all couches were former players at some point, so that means they understand the game from the inside. I doubt that FD has deep knowledge about LoL mechanics and other important stuff. So, what's good about him being a couch in the first place?

Article 3/6/12, 6:32 PM

NaVi proved once again that they are the best at the moment. Quite a surprise from Quantic, I knew they were very good, but they just played incredibly good. And the fact that Valve employee was watching stream whole time in case there would be problems, eventually there were and they fixed them, kinda makes you respect them a bit more and have higher hopes that the end-product will be as flaweless as possible.

Article 3/5/12, 5:34 PM
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