I want to see more of MCi.sGty vs established european teams, last time was a blast.

Article 8/13/09, 9:34 PM

Seems to me like they need some sort of carriers, I vote Misery. And probably Ly0n for ereskigal.

Article 8/10/09, 1:50 PM

Sorry aHCoS, but I have to agree with everyone else. [quote]teams that stuck to one strategie got into the final =) mb a sign? gl ua+ro, u'll both need it ;D[/quote] Kinda implies that you knew their strat and still didn't ban/counterpick them. :P But anyway, nicely played vs Denmark, but Ukraine had better teamplay.

Article 7/26/09, 12:09 AM

Can you please type in the winner of the unique - uGamers game in Loser's bracket, wasn't it kinda long ago that game was played? EDIT: Thanks. :)

Article 7/20/09, 7:35 PM

So then it's the same thing whether you end in second or in third place? No advantage what so ever?

Article 7/1/09, 2:06 PM

New Multicast on Ogre is just sick. And with a 6s cooldown on lvl 16 makes it the far most superior nuke.

Article 7/1/09, 1:42 PM